Advent L'Avvento Rovinj-Rovigno
8/12/2023 ~ 7/1/2024

Christmas by the Sea

Sail with us in the Advent edition of the traditional wooden batana boat, exploring the history and heritage all the way to modern Rovinj. Discover local Istrian flavours through specially designed Advent menus, accompanied by plenty of good music, entertainment and festive holiday moments for everyone.

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Advent Promenade

Four Advent weekends with an extensive programme in three diverse destinations will keep you warm and get you excited for the most festive month of the year. Experience unforgettable festive moments with your friends and family.

The Star of the Christmas Show ~ Rovinj’s Batana

Rovinj’s batana is a symbol of our heritage that combines different communities into one unified city of Rovinj, which is why it is the central motif of our Advent. The Rovinj dialect has a saying for boats going out into the open sea: “Bòne da bàti màr!” (Ready to conquer the sea!). Drawing inspiration from the saying, we say: “Ready for a good Christmas!”

Christmas Weekend by the Sea

Relaxing with a glass of mulled wine while feeling the sun on your skin provides an exceptional holiday experience. Discover the cosy atmosphere and good night’s sleep in Maistra hotels, where you’ll feel at home.

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Festive Flavours of Istria

Local Istrian flavours on every corner – the whole Rovinj gastronomic community is taking part in creating the magical month of December with specially designed Advent menus offering weekly festive dishes, drinks and winter cocktails.

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Christmas Market

Relax in the Advent zone next to the city market, socializing with your loved ones and enjoying the festive mood. Visit the advent huts, warm yourself by tasting hot tea or mulled wine, and refresh yourself with a rich gastronomic offer.